Sometimes we have these images in our head, hard or impossible to find in the real world. But with stockhamster and our huge background archive you will be able to build worlds just like in your greatest imaginations.

Look through our huge collection or ask for our Recherche Service to help you find the perfect matching cgi backplates.

Thousands of images from cityscapes, deserts, forests and the countryside are waiting to be combined with each other to create something completely unseen and new.


Sometimes we have this images in our head, hard or impossible to find in the real world but with stockhamster and our huge archive you might be able to just build worlds just like in your best imaginations Look through our archives or ask for our Recherche Service to help you finding the perfect matching backgrounds. Thousands of pictures from cities, deserts, forests and the countryside wait to be combined with each other to create something completely unseen and new. As we are a collective of photographers we know perfectly what it needs for a great composing image and will help you with all of our knowledge.


Stockhamster is an background image agency for high quality automotive cgi backplates and backgrounds specialized in landscapes, roads and cityscapes. Founded by a small group of commercial photographers and supported by a worldwide team of professional photographers contributing their work to the platform.

As we have done commercial photography and cgi imaginery for international clients for more than 10 years we gained experience and knowledge that influenced our work while shooting and building stockhamster.

We see ourselves as a collective of international photographers offering high quality cgi backplates.


We would be happy to give you all the images needed for a great pitch or scribble to present it to your client.

Just choose the images you need from our growing collection, send a request and select "pitch", and we will get in contact with you immediately to serve you with images you can work with to visualize your ideas.


CGI (computer generated images) or CG is a technique to use the capabilities of 3D technology to create new image worlds or put products into already existing images ( so called "CGI Backplates").

As we have been doing professional CGI Photography for several years we know all the processes and what it takes to create cg artwork. We can serve you with hi-res HDRI-Spheres (also called HDR Domes), perfect cgi backplates and backgrounds and we also can help you with positioning the virtual car.

And with the help of our partners at VIRTUAL RIG STUDIO we can convert all our static images into speeding ones, just as you like.


VirtualRig™ Studio software creates realistic curved motion blur simulation previously only available with expensive camera rigs. VirtualRig™ drastically reduces the cost of professional car photography, cuts production time and brings new opportunities into CGI photography.

Thanks to our partners at Virtual Rig we can offer you to add motion blur to any of our static images or adjust the speed in blurred images.


Time is money! It might be a bit too much to look through our huge archive. But we are happy to help you. We know our archive, the backplates and categories like no one else because it’s us that created them. So if you need help finding your images just send us an e-mail and we will come back to you as fast as possible!

Of course we treat all given information confidentially!


Stockhamster is an image library to be used in the advertising industry. We offer high quality images of professional photographers from all over the world for brochures, web, editorial, cgi and print campaigns.

We are specialized in transportation with a focus on roads and the transportation industry but we also have a huge load of beautiful landscape images, huge panoramas and stunning cityscapes in resolutions high enough to be used for major billboard campaigns.

With many years of experience, we are experts when it comes to imaginery and happy to help you with any problem that you might have. Talk to us!

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